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Is your website not generating enough leads and sales? 

Are you struggling to drive traffic?

Is your existing SEO strategy not giving results?

Whatever your problem is, if you wish to get the best ranking in the SERPs, you need a magical strategy that works for your industry. One that gives impressive results.

What if you could grab the top ranking in Google search without even spending another dollar….

My name is Dan. I’m a freelance SEO consultant offering quality SEO services to online businesses from all niches. 

Get a free SEO consultation worth $100. In this discussion, you’ll learn::

  • The best SEO strategy to get a top ranking in Google
  • How to get organic traffic consistently
  • How to recover from a Google penalty
  • Why are your visitors clicking away from your website
  • What are the exact keywords and search phrases that can help you rank above your competitors

In short, I can do a health-check on your website and tell you where exactly the money is leaking and where the biggest source of profit is hidden.

There is no risk, no downside, and no obligation. You can take away the information for free. You can implement the ideas yourself, hire someone else, or choose my services – I’m absolutely fine with your decision.

What makes my SEO services different? One word: RESULTS. I’m 100% focussed on delivering results.

I achieve this through:

  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Branding
  • Social media marketing

I can increase the conversion of any website from 15% to 200%, depending on its niche industry and a few other factors.

If a single conversion can change your life, this single discussion could be that golden opportunity. And yeah, no obligation, no risk, and no downside. 

SEO is good, but customers are better. Need help?

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