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Why I Chose To Start Blogging

Today I woke up feeling very refreshed. I slept well for the first time in 2 weeks. It’s ironic that such a night sleep was a rarity; I just finished writing a post on building good sleep habits and the importance of quality sleep. I’m a slow learner.

Today, I’m laying out the reasons why I want to start blogging. In approaching this post, I’ve thought of a number of reasons that SHOULD be important for blogging, but ultimately searching other blogs for my own purpose isn’t going to be very satisfying when I hit “publish.”

The best reason I can think of to start this blog: writing is an essential life habit. There are a few essential life habits I’ve determined, and writing is one of them. What is an essential life habit? An essential life habit is something that, when developed daily, leads to long-term happiness.

There are four general areas of life that I focus on each day: health, wealth, relationships, and higher purpose. The development of each is supported by different habits, and these habits I practice daily to achieve long term sustainable success in each area. I’m not concerned about the daily ups and downs because I’ve chosen essential habits that lead to success, as long as I’m consistent. As one of my mentors says, “consistency beats perfection, always.”

Some of my essential habits:

  • Health: exercising every day, tracking my calories and macronutrients, abstaining from alcohol.
  • Wealth: working on my business every day, setting goals and reviewing my progress daily-weekly-monthly-and-quarterly.
  • Relationships: contacting my family and friends every day by phone or email.
  • Higher purpose: meditating daily, reading at least an hour a day, and journaling my thoughts.

These are all essential to my well-being, but where does writing fit in? Writing is a system for focusing my thoughts in each area. If the essential habits I listed for each of the four areas are the building blocks of a house, writing is the architect that assigns different blocks to different rooms and structures.

Beyond its organizational role, writing is a chance to get out of my own head and simply express myself. Perhaps, after years of ignoring this habit, much of this self-expression will be jumbled nonsense – so be it. I’m confident that, if I continue the habit, the action itself will lead to more internal clarity.

I’m starting this blog to scratch my own itch. There is a lot of misinformation in school and online, and somewhere along the road of life I seem to have gotten ensnared by this. I want to get out and get clarity. To that end, this blog will cover topics in areas that, as Tim Urban puts it, address my own “psychological shortcomings”.

Lastly, my reasons for writing wouldn’t be complete if I wasn’t being entirely honest. One of my favorite self-help books is Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. In it, he describes a system of therapy whereby the patient must be 100% honest in expressing his or her own thoughts. Think your spouse is fat? Say it. Secretly dream of killing your boss? Say that too (to your boss). It sounds shocking, but I can imagine how much less anxiety I would feel if I “confessed my thoughts” to all of my friends, family and acquaintances.

In that regard, I admit that my ego is invested in this blog as well. This may not come as a surprise (danfries.net), but it’s worth mentioning. I like the idea of getting my message out there for others to hear. I like the idea of being heard. Thinking of these rewards gives me a sense of pleasure. And while I will certainly enjoy the process, I know that, if I continue to scratch my own itch, I will certainly help others do the same. Having my ego invested in an essential habit is okay; I know that the consistent practice of this habit will lead me to a higher purpose for the blog.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll be writing at least two new posts a week for the next three months. This is part of a Blogging Pact with some friends. The only requirements: only personal blog posts count, and each post must be a minimum of five sentences. If I fail to publish two posts in a week, then I must donate $25 to Donald Trump’s political campaign.

Losing money to someone I don’t support (or know much about) wouldn’t feel too great. So, here we go.