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100+ Life Goals

In early 2016, just after I turned 28, I read a blog post about setting life goals. Having met the writer a few months prior, I was inspired by his attitude, and many of his goals immediately resonated with me. I sought out to develop my own list of Life Goals, with the intention to complete all of the goals on the list by 2025.

Financial Goals

Generate $1 from online
Achieved (2012)

Generate monthly recurring passive income
Achieved (2012)

Location independent
Achieved (2014)

Financially independent (enough passive income to cover my lifestyle expenses)
Achieved (2015)

Create $10,000+ in Savings
Achieved (2016)

Invest in the stock market based on personal analysis

Diversified income sources
Achieved (2016)

Go an entire month without spending any money

Fitness Goals

Run a half marathos
Achieved (2014)

Run a full marathon

Run an ultra-marathon

Take a BJJ class
Achieved (2017)

Deadlift 400 pounds
Achieved (2016)

Do a fitness photoshoot

Writing / Speaking / Knowledge Goals

Become fluent in Spanish
Achieved (2016)

Public speaking internationally

Publish monthly blog posts for a yeas
Achieved (2015)

Write and launch an email series
Achieved (2018)

Interview 100 inspirational peopls
In progress, 2018

Self-publish a full length book

Create my own library of books and movies

Contribution / Spiritual Goals

Volunteer at a hospital in a developing country

Attend a yoga or meditation retreat
Achieved (2018)

Help an organization in a developing country
Achieved (2016)

Pro-Bono life and business coaching

Help build a school in a developing country
Achieved (2016) – Children.org

Help someone new every day for 30 days in a row

Teach a meditation class

Visit the 9/11 Memorial

Plant a sustainable community garden

Meditate in a Buddhist Temple

Make 10 loans to entrepreneurs through Kiva

Take Ayahuasca in South America

Forgive someone for everything

Go 24 hours without speaking
Achieved (2016)

Donate blood to a hospital in a developing country

Be a mentor to someone

Attend one of Anthony Robbins’ live events

Help someone else achieve their dream

Business / Career Goals

Become a life/business coach

Become a consultant to startups
Achieved (2018)

Become an Angel Investor
Achieved (2018)

Create a brand that sells globally
Achieved (2018)

Speak in front of 100+ people live

Hire a personal assistant
Achieved (2016)

Achieve 10,000 email subscribers

Social / Family Goals

Long-term loving relationship

Share a house abroad with friends
Achieved (2016)

60 nights out in 60 days
Achieved (2012 – Boston)

Family visit triad
Planned 2018

World travel with close friends
Achieved (2015 – Thailand and Colombia)

USA cross-country roadtrip with friends

World travel with partner

World travel with brother
Achieved (Europe, 2014)

30-days of expressing gratitude to friends and family

Visit a long lost friend

Create a tradition of getting together

Buy everyone in the bar a drink

Be kissed by the person I love at midnight on New Year’s

Take my family and friends on a holiday together

Travel Goals

Travel Southeast Asia
Achieved (2014-2015 – Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines)

Trek the Nepali Coast in Hawaii
Planned (2018)

Hike to Takstang Monastery and attend Tshechu

Travel through Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef

Live in Mexico
Achieved (2016)

Party at Carnival in Brazil

Live in Colombia
Achieved (2016)

Eat sushi in Japan
Planned (2017)

Drink tea in a traditional ceremony in Da Hong Pao, China

Travel East Europe
Achieved (2015 – Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia)

Visit a Tibetan Monastery

Visit Antarctica

Visit Iceland

Visit Scandinavia in the summer

Go Island Hopping in the Caribbean

Fly first class on an international flight

Fill all the pages in my Passport
Achieved (2016)

Eat pizza in Italy
Achieved (2014 – Pizzeria Spontini in Milan)

Drive Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Achieved (2014 – San Francisco to Seattle)

Drink a Guinness in Dublin

Go on a boat trip around the world

Trek across the Himalayas

Take a train trip between Europe and Asia

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Buy an around-the-world air ticket

Drink mezcal in Mexico City
Achieved (2016)

See the National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.

Attend the Christmas Markets in Germany

See the Monaco Grand Prix

Go to the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival in Ireland

Sleep on a stranger’s couch for a week

Adventure Goals

Hike on an active volcano and peer into the crater

Go Heliboarding

Go surfing in Hawaii

Make love in the ocean
Achieved 🙂

Go scuba diving

Learn to boulder rock climb

Throw a pool party in Medellin
Achieved 2016

Sleep in a castle

Trek on a glacier

Go on a cross-country motorcycle trip

Go into space

Party in the desert at Burning Man

Fly (pilot) a helicopter

Base jump with a wingsuit

Firewalk on hot coals

Drive 200+ Kph on the German autobahn

Dive for treasure

Camp overnight in the wilderness
Achieved (2009 – Maroon Bells, Colorado)

Learn to kitesurf
Achieved (2017 – Malapascua Island, Philippines)

Camp on a remote island
Achieved (2015 – Cagbalete, Philippines)

Do a Polar Bear Plunge

Dance in an international Jazz Club
Achieved (2015 – Maggie Choo’s, Bangkok)

Go cliff diving

Drive a supercar

Do a backflip on a snowboard

Go to an International Film Festival

See a concert from backstage

Creative Goals

Create and Publish a Youtube video
Achieved (2018)

Start a blog
Achieved (2015)

Take voice lessons

Appear on a podcast
Achieved (2016) – here

365 days of photography

Take Salsa lessons
Achieved (2016)

Read a book written in Spanish
Achieved (2009)

Create my own clothing line
Achieved (2017)

Create a documentary

Health and Other Goals

Become a resident of the EU

Go a year without alcohol

Vegetarian for a year

7-day water fast

Give up TV
Achieved (September 2014)

Spend 24 hours naked outdoors

Quit coffee

Live by the ocean
Achieved 2016 – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Adopt a dog from a homeless shelter

Eat raw cocoa bean
Achieved 2016 – Colombia and Mexico

Eat something I’ve grown

Deliver a baby

Completely unplug for 4 weeks

Own and travel with a high quality camera for videography and travel photography

Update this every year. 🙂