Decision Making Principles

26 Decision-Making Principles to be Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

Principles take a lifetime to develop. As such, this post will continue to evolve over the course of my life.

Life Principles

  1. I model systems of success in my thinking and behavior, but always ask: “is this true?”
  2. I value living a balanced and integrated life. I proactively build systems that allow me to move towards my desired outcomes in business, relationships, health, and spirituality.
  3. I recognize the value of consistency and just showing up as key to success. Small changes done repeatedly compound over time. Mastering consistency over time – as opposed to being perfect – is the key to achieving my desired outcomes. 
  4. I study to increase my skills. I recognize that a steady diet of reading and contemplation is vital to personal development and my happiness. 
  5. When building meaningful personal relationships, I proactively come from the frame of neutral or higher value; I make time for others when there is no immediate or obvious gain.
  6. I do not try and push people through the door, but I always aim to leave the door open and be available.
  7. I recognize that there a time to understand first, and there’s a time to impose your will on others. Different situations call for different behaviors and personality traits.
  8. I respect others’ time and opinions by valuing my own time. Self-respect leads to self esteem, which leads to respect for others.
  9. I am deliberate and engaged in my actions. When I feel the need to rush, I ask myself, “do I so undervalue my ability to make an impact that I feel compelled to rush and create an extra five minutes? My actions and thoughts feed my mind signals of abundance. 
  10. I focus my energy within my circle of influence. I do not concern myself or worry about things over which I have no control.
  11. I don’t manage problems; I work on system creation and improvements in order to prevent problems. I create, connect, and inspire.
  12. I am bold and clear with others in asserting my needs. I do not avoid confrontation because of fear. Don’t be a pussy. 
  13. Much of what you learn now will have little utility in the future. Focus on developing physical health, personal resilience, and emotional intelligence.
  14. Sleep is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset. He who masters his own sleep habits has a leg up on his competitors. I recognize the importance of being well-rested to good decision making and quality work.
  15. I recognize that I am what I do today. If I don’t do it NOW, I won’t do it ever. Every action is not an event but the laying down of a new neural pathway for habit creation. Right now, any task is as easy as it will ever be. The difficulty in starting a new task is proportional to the amount of time I delay the task.
  16. In business and in relationships, I know that reality is negotiable. There is no objective reality. There are no facts. There are no best people or products. All that exists in the world are perceptions in the mind.
  17. I realize that wisdom and passion are the result of experience. They’re acquired by people who do the work day in and day out. I know that the castle is a bunch of rocks.
  18. I believe that I can get all I want out of life by suspending my ego and taking a no-excuses approach to achieving my goals with open-mindedness, determination, and courage and by relying on the help of others who are strong where I am weak. 
  19. I invest in more in my own self-perception than in others’ perceptions of me.
  20. The path to true happiness lies in choosing problems that you enjoy solving.
  21. I choose my identity to make changes in my behavior, recognizing that identity is the strongest motivator (stronger than discipline and inspiration).
  22. I believe that vulnerability and authenticity are the paths to true connections and meaningful relationships. 
  23. I operate with urgency. I understand that I have a limited time on Earth and every second has an opportunity cost. Remember this gives meaning and purpose to my work; when I feel stuck, adding a sense of urgency is a means of getting unstuck. 
  24. I believe that relationships are reality, the fabric of life, and the Universe. My priorities, to-do list, and calendar reflect that I actively treasure the people in my life.
  25. To be happy and fulfilled, I take complete responsibility for my actions, focusing only on what is within my control. Meaning, happiness, and self actualization are byproducts of consistently taking whatever right action life calls for moment to moment.
  26. I endeavor to be totally truthful, especially about mistakes and weaknesses. Doing so will lead to rapid rates of improvement and movement toward what I want. Truth —more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality—is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes.
  27. I move toward resistance. Lean into the pain and discomfort; seek it out.