Breaking stereotypes friends

Relationship Games: Proactively Breaking Stereotypes For Fun

How many times do you have to be “surprised” that your new friend is more interesting than you expected before you stop judging people?


Despite a lifetime endeavor of trying to overcome your own ingrained biases and preconceived notions, they will be there lurking, underneath, forever.

What is a guy to do? Abandon the quest?

Surely there’s value in weeding out bad thinking from my own mind. I’m going to stay on that path because it’s self-evidently the right thing to do.

But what else…?

Here’s an idea:

Instead of reacting when stereotypes are broken, just break them.

Your massive 6’5 friend with piercings and a Killswitch Engage t-shirt.

Ask him if he does yoga.

Your health-nut friends that orders nothing but salads.

Ask if they’ve tried psychedelics.

That fanatic sports fan at the table who won’t shut up about their team.

Ask if they’ve read any good books lately.

…whatever the stereotype in your head, there’s some other one at odds. Instead of looking for confirmation or disconfirmation of your reality, try to have a little fun with your own brain and see if that person you THINK they are is actually someone much deeper and more interesting.